Seminole Heights Couple Are Gung-Ho for Romney

Doris and Eric Margolis attended their first political rally Wednesday when Mitt Romney made a stop in Tampa.

A native of Panama, Doris Margolis said she's fascinated by the American political process.

"I love democracy," said the Seminole Heights resident. "And I love the opportunity to be involved."

She and her husband of 25 years, Eric, are steadfast Republicans but Wednesday's rally with Mitt Romney at Landmark Aviation in Tampa was the couple's first rally.

They've already decided they'll vote for Romney next Tuesday but decided to attend the rally "to see our next president in person."

"We already know we're going to vote for him but it's exciting to be in this big crowd of people and see him in person," Doris Margolis said.

Eric Margolis believes you can measure a man's integrity by looking at his family, and Romney passes muster.

"He has a lovely wife and five nice sons," he said. "I think he'll make a good president."

"I like the fact that his message is clear and he seems to genuinely want to help the country," added Doris Margolis. "I'm sure he'll be our next president."


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