'Road Closed Wet Tar' Sign Near Voting Site Reported to City Officials

The site is Northeast United Methodist Church, 6400 N. 15th St. in Seminole Heights.

It's sticky and black, and it caused Kimberly Overman concern.

The "Road Closed Wet Tar" signs on 15th Street near Northeast United Methodist Church, a polling location on Election Day in Seminole Heights, seemed to have appeared overnight.

Overman, a canvasser with President Barack Obama's re-election campaign, wondered if voters - who had the option of parking in the church's lot at 6400 N. 15th St. - would be confused because of the signs.

Would they drive off instead of voting?

"The problem is, the city had to call HARTline to re-route the busline, yet they don't do anything to help voters try to get to this site," Overman said. "It says, 'Road Closed, Wet Tar.' It's confusing. People are having difficulty getting around it."

So Overman, a business owner who runs a company called The Financial Well, took action. She dialed the number of City Councilman Mike Fiore's office and asked for help.

City officials told Overman they'd stop work at the site early Tuesday afternoon, possibly removing the handful of tar signs on 15th Street.

Meanwhile, Overman hopes the problem is solved before another hurdle appears: rush hour.

Have you seen the signs on 15th Street? Do you think they might deter voters? Tell us in the comments.

Denise Preziosi November 07, 2012 at 02:38 PM
This was the "stupidest" "worse" plan the city could have done. I have seen some ignorant things but this was dumb. Yes, I think it stopped folks from voting!!!!!!


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