Gov. Scott to Universities: Come Up With $10,000 Degrees

Florida Gov. Rick Scott wants the state’s universities to come up with a way to make higher education more affordable. His challenge could save Seminole Heights households thousands.

Seminole Heights residents who find themselves scrimping and saving to pay for college might have it a little easier in the years to come if Gov. Rick Scott gets his way.

The Republican leader is challenging the state’s 12 public universities to come up with a way to create $10,000 degrees, according to TBO.com.

"You should be able to work and go to school and not end up with debt," Scott said in an interview on News Channel 8. "Yet those degrees cost so much money and tuition is so high that that's not going to happen. So I put out this challenge to our state colleges."

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Scott’s challenge comes on the heels of major budget cuts to the state’s university system. This year alone, Florida’s universities took a $300 million cut in funding, prompting protests as the University of South Florida and elsewhere. To make up for those cuts, schools like USF have raised their tuition rates.

Even so, TBO points out, Florida’s tuition costs are lower than the national average. In-state tuition and fees comes in around $6,000 a year for undergraduates.

Scott, however, says there’s still plenty of fat in the budgets to cut.

Read TBO’s full story here.

Are you worried about paying for college for your kids? Is it possible to cut enough fat to enable the state to offer $10,000 degrees? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Mark (marty) Turner November 27, 2012 at 08:49 PM
Finally Scott has come up with a positive idea. The idea has merit, BUT it is the implementation that we must look at as well as his motive. First and foremost the state's funding of universities is being drastically slashed under Scott leadership. Under this economy many of the scholarships are also losing funding which is one way that universities are able to control some of the non-scholarship tuitions in check. So, what will the universities do to protect themselves from the Governor tossing them the hot potato. Possibilities are: a lowering of hours of coursework required for graduation, turning the winnowing state required courses (Basic Math, English, History, and Science) to high schools or the internet at greatly reduced fees, offering the higher more specialized (Junior and Senior year) classes only when class size is economical or only on internet basis where one professor teaches all universities. Will these ideas reduce cost? Yes Will they also reduce the college experience? Most definitely Will one of the benefits of college, the social contacts, also be diminished? Oh yeah We, especially the golden age Floridians, cheer Scott for his tax cutting measures yet when tires and engines start wearing faster on improperly maintained roads and bridges fail, what we cheer about? When our children and grand children graduate college without knowing the differences between Idaho, Iowa and Ohio will we still cheer?


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