Early Voting in Hillsborough County Begins Saturday October 27

There are 15 early voting sites in the county.

This in from the Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections...

Early Voting is available to all registered voters in Hillsborough County from
Saturday, October 27- Saturday, November 3. Hours of operation are 7
a.m. to 7 p.m., and residents can cast their ballot at any of the 15 Early
Voting sites throughout the county.

Residents are reminded to bring a current and valid photo and signature ID.
Examples include:
Florida Driver License
Florida ID Card (issued by DHSMV)
U.S. Passport
Debit or Credit Card
Military ID
Student ID
Retirement Center ID
Neighborhood Association ID
Public Assistance ID

Early voting locations are:

Early Voting Location Name
Bloomingdale Regional Public Library 
1906 Bloomingdale Ave 
Valrico, FL 33596 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm
C. Blythe Andrews Jr. Public Library 
2607 E Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd 
Tampa, FL 33610 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm
Fred B. Karl County Center 
26th Floor
601 E Kennedy Blvd 
Tampa, FL 33602 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm Jan Kaminis Platt Regional Library 
3910 S Manhattan Ave 
Tampa, FL 33611 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library 
2902 West Bearss Avenue 
Tampa, FL 33618 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm New Tampa Regional Library 
10001 Cross Creek Blvd 
Tampa, FL 33647 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm North Tampa Branch Library 
8916 North Blvd 
Tampa, FL 33604 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm Plant City, Bruton Memorial Library 
302 W McLendon St 
Plant City, FL 33563 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm Riverview Branch Library 
10509 Riverview Dr 
Riverview, FL 33578 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm Robert L. Gilder Elections Service Center 
2514 N Falkenburg Rd 
Tampa, FL 33619 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm SouthShore Regional Library 
15816 Beth Shields Way 
Ruskin, FL 33573 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm Temple Terrace Public Library 
202 Bullard Pkw 
Temple Terrace, FL 33617 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm Town 'N Country Regional Public Library 
7606 Paula Drive 
Tampa, FL 33615 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm

Upper Tampa Bay Regional Public Library 

11211 Countryway Blvd 
Tampa, FL 33626 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm

West Tampa Branch Library 

2312 W Union St 
Tampa, FL 33607 

Polls Open: 7am - 7pm

For a full list of voting locations go here.

Colter95 October 27, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Consider these facts before you vote: 1. Is the economy better off now than it was four years ago? Based on the evidence, I'd have to say no. Wages are down, the the prices of everything we buy is up. The price of gas has doubled. Good jobs are scarce. 2. Are the slight "up tics" in the economy a solid trend in the right direction? I don't think so. First, the gains are very slight. Second, I believe they are the result in the temporary stimulus by the Federal Reserve, in which they printed a lot of new money. It provides a slight bump now, but the cost will come later - after the election. Ben Bernanke is trying to save Obama's job, along with his own. 3. The continual misrepresentation of Romney on the auto bailout by the Obama administration. Obama appears to be taking complete credit for the bailout, while simultaneously saying that Romney was for liquidation of the auto industry. This is an absolute falsehood. It was Bush who initiated the bailout and TARP. Obama continued it and then expanded it, to his credit. However, Romney was one of the first to say that the industry needed to go through bankruptcy reorganization, and eventually they did exactly that. He also said that any needed loans should come from the private sector. He never said that the industry should be liquidated, or that he would deny federal funds if he were president, and private sector funds were not available. Obama lies! 4. The Benghazi coverup and lies.


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