Deputy Crashes Motorcycle while Escorting President Obama

Deputy Chad Keen crashed his motorcycle when the presidential motorcade went over a large speed bump near the entrance of the Port of Tampa, TBO.com reports.

A Hillsborough County Sheriff's deputy was thrown from his motorcycle after hitting a speed bump while escorting President Barack Obama to the Port of Tampa on Friday, April 13, according to TBO.com.

Deputy Chad Keen, 37, was among a group of Hillsborough County deputies participating in the presidential motorcade along with the U.S. Secret Service.

Keen crashed his motorcycle when the motorcade went over a large speed bump at Guy Verger Boulevard and Barge Avenue, which is at the entrance of the port area, TBO.com reports.

Keen suffered some scrapes and bruises and was taken to where he is expected to make a full recovery. The motorcade and the President proceeded to the port, the local newspaper reports.

The to discuss the benefits of trade with Latin America on his way to Colombia for the Summit of the Americas, a weekend-long event that focuses on a variety of international and economic issues.


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