Tampa Police: 'Don't Move or I Will Kill You,' Says Robber

Police say a robber walked through an open front door, threatened a woman inside, then snatched a laptop before fleeing.

Mar. 28 

  • Someone climbed through an unlocked bedroom window on the 8600 block of North 13th Street and stole two flat screen TVs and a laptop computer. Police say a red car was seen in the driveway of the residence and might have been involved in the crime. 

Mar. 29 

  • A woman observed a suspect riding a bicycle back and forth by her residence on the 8200 block of North Semmes Street. After gathering her cats, she went back inside, leaving her front door open. Police say the suspect then walked through the front door, told the victim, "Don't move or I will kill you," and placed his hand inside his waistband. The victim then ran screaming to the south side of the residence where her husband was sleeping. As she was fleeing, she saw the suspect snatch a laptop computer run out the front door. Investigators say the suspect is described as a black male, light colored skin, thin, 5-foot-5, and last seen wearing a white T-shirt and long black pants. 
  • A previously broken window on a house on the 5600 block of North 15th Street was breached. Stolen were two TVs, an Xbox, costume jewelry, six purses and several video games. Investigators recovered one fingerprint at the scene. 


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