Meet Tampa Fire Rescue's Tony Smith

A Q&A with Tampa Fire Rescue Firefighter Tony Smith.

Tony Smith
Tampa Fire Rescue

Works at: Station 7, 6129 N. Nebraska Ave.
Joined: 2008
Personal: 44, single, two children
Hometown: Plant City

Patch: What do you like most about your job?

Smith: Instant gratification. I love the fact that on any given day you will make a difference. It could be as big as saving someone's life or as small as having little kids seeing you ride a fire truck and inspiring them.

Patch: How did you become interested in firefighting?

Smith: I have two nephews who work for the county. They asked me to think about it. At 40, I went into the fire academy. I don't think that before this time I would have been ready for it. My jobs have always been in the service field and this seemed like the ultimate way to serve, other than the military.

Patch: What’s your most memorable call?

Smith: If you remember the guy who threw the baby out of car window on the Interstate, that was the one. I was on the first engine to respond and I was probably the second person to get there after the police officer.

Patch: What’s your favorite color?

Smith: Black and gold.

Patch: What’s the last movie you saw?

Smith: “The Help.” I loved it.


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