Drug Deal Goes Bad at Gas Station

Here is a look back at the Tampa Police Department's crime blotter for the Seminole Heights area over the last week.

Saturday September 15

  • A thief popped the driver door lock with an unknown pry tool and popped the ignition mechanism of a car in the 100 block of East Giddens Avenue. The vehicle was not stolen, however property was removed and the thief fled undetected.

Wednesday September 19

  • The Marathon Station at the corner of Mohawk and Nebraska Avenue was the site of a robbery after a drug dealer agreed to sell marijuana to a suspect in via phone call, and told the suspect to meet him at the gas station. When the man went to meet the suspect, the suspect brandished a black firearm believed to be a 9mm pistol and said "give it up." The dealer began to flee at which time the suspect fired 3 shots in the air. The dealer stopped and turned around at which time the suspect struck him in the face with his pistol. The suspect again threatened him with the firearm, but the dealer replied with "You'll have to kill me." The suspect then walked away and got into a red Pontiac 4 door and fled northbound on Nebraska. The dealer refused any cooperation with a police investigation and said "I didn't even call you." He informed TPD that he did not want to press any charges and did not want any involvement with the police.


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