What People Are Saying on Patch

This week in quotes on Seminole Heights Patch.

Andrew: “Legalize and regulate it. Problem solved.” -

Nick Schutz: "What about the damage done to our waterways from all the kitty litter flushed? Maybe animals should be left in the wild?" -

Steve Quillian: “"The biggest trend to hit Seminole Heights is the artist community. I can see people coming from all over the nation to participate in the Seminole Heights Arts Festival (future)." -

Shawn Hicks: “In my experience, nothing discourages prostitutes; they are a hardy and persistent bunch. However, a lot of things can discourage johns--focus your energy there. So to rephrase your question, do I think that an active nightlife on Nebraska would discourage johns? Absolutely! They don't like being seen; that is why the hookers walk back into the dark neighborhood to chat them up and don't do it in the open. The most frightening tool neighborhood watch has in its anti-prostitution arsenal besides a cell phone is a flashlight. The more eyeballs on the street, the fewer johns and the hookers will have to relocate someplace quieter.” -

Gopher: “Well, lets see how long this billboard lasts in these hard times...You know people will tear this apart and steal the pennies, which i don't blame them...Pennies are still money..Who is the birdbrain who did not think this through..120,000 = $1200 bucks!” -

Sharmi Philip: "Breeding needs to be reduced. There are too many animals without homes already." - .

Andrew: “Like a Hyde Park/SoHo district but without the attitude and the high-income-only venues. Modern diner/pub food and beverage offerings, quality services (barbers, small grocers, etc.) and increased "walkability.” -

Kathie Dunai Perez: "More effort to making spay/neutering affordable, and getting the word out about it. I know responsible pet owners already know and do it... but that's not where the overpopulation is coming from." - .

MDB: “Mermaid Tavern, Ella's attract singles and couples. Now couples have each other and as long as it's a fun, clean place then they are fine......"but singles" let's face it, women rule in the single scene and if your looking for female companionship your less likely to find it stepping foot on Nebraska Ave based on perception of what actually is on Nebraska Ave. If I had a magic wand I'd focus on Hillsborough and Nebraska and work 2-3 blocks north and south. If there are any motels within that area find a way to shut them down. Tear it down and clean it up. One of the things I like about this area is many here have vision, you can see it in their yards and in a few businesses. Work on improving this general area and it should grow outward. As a former real estate appraiser you have growth, equilibrium, decline and revitalization. This area is so ready for revitalization, but it has to start somewhere strong and ignite. Starbucks, Ellas, Taco Bus and places like 3 coins and Mermaid tease these boundaries but they are still to far apart. People want an evenings worth of food and drink or a days worth of shopping and relaxation that can be had without getting in and out of a car every 2 miles or so.” -


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