Presidential Election a Wake-Up Call That Country's Liberty Has Been Lost

Voters were faced not with a choice, but with an opportunity to rubber-stamp decisions that increasingly do not give their liberty any consideration whatsoever.

I held off writing for a couple of weeks after the election. In either case it should have been a disappointment for everyone, but I understand that some were elated by President Obama’s re-election. Others will focus on the alleged vote-rigging, or on the superiority of his organization, or on Mitt Romney’s perceived flaws, or even on the demographic shift in the country that allegedly means no white male will ever be elected president again.

Let’s look at the reality: in terms of policy, there would not have been a dime’s bit of difference between Obama and Romney. Just as Obama’s administration has essentially been Dubya’s third term, so Romney would have continued Obama’s works. To some extent that is the fault of the American voter, but the course was largely set in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created during what can only be describe as a Christmas-recess coup, pulling the U.S. firmly back within Europe’s banking circle. Within a few short years a president who campaigned on the slogan “He kept us out of war!” was made to pivot and send our doughboys to fight in Europe, and on top of that trample civil liberties in the manner of Lincoln with laws that shut down free speech so nobody could complain.

Even on the hugely contentious issue of health care, we could only have traded the implementer of Obamacare with the man who first installed it at the state level—and supposing Newt Gingrich had gotten the Republican nomination, we would have installed its spiritual father, either of whom would have been hard pressed to justify its dismantling.

The fact is, health care costs have spiraled out of control because there has been so much greed in the health care sector, and that greed has been cemented in place by a compliant Congress and a freshman president who was immediately co-opted behind the closed doors he vowed would be open during all negotiations. Once again, the dirty deed was done on Christmas Eve.

Which brings me to the question of secession. What has been pitched by the press as a movement of disaffected white males in Klan robes pining for the antebellum America where the South kept its darkies down on the farm instead is a growing recognition that Washington is no longer “We The People.” It is in fact run by somebody else’s bankers. There are numerous press reports now that don’t even put a fig leaf on it anymore: the U.S. has been conquered by European banking interests. Secessionists are signing petitions not to try to make Kansas or Idaho a separate nation, but to try to unplug along with other states from a federal government that no longer serves the interests of the states and their people, but instead follows the diktats of unelected hegemons in Brussels, Berlin and the City of London.

The looters have created a situation where they drive their money train right out of town with a few ineffectual tomatoes splattering on its sides from the Tea Party on the right and the Occupy movement on the left. The only thing that could stop it is the one thing they have been carefully laying plans against for many years: a concerted effort to bring the federal government to heel by means of a Constitutional convention. It is not a method for the faint of heart: it is both unprecedented, and risks being co-opted by the same interests that have body-snatched the republic we once had and replaced it with a malevolent simulacrum bent on stripping the wealth from this country by enabling every rentier and fee-harvester capable of making a campaign contribution.

Nonetheless, unless we take that risk, we will continue to experience what has already happened to us and worse. George Washington Carver said that the measure of indignities that will be heaped on a person is the exact amount he will accept. If you’re not in agreement that something has to be done, do yourself a favor and listen to Ron Paul’s forty-nine minute farewell speech from the floor of the House of Representatives. In it he sums up his own principled political career and challenges us to regain our liberty.



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Marc J. Yacht MD, MPH November 26, 2012 at 03:26 PM
I celebrated Obama's victory. I saw it as a win over ignorance.
Mark S. Hankins November 26, 2012 at 03:56 PM
Russians who lived through what's coming here believe exactly the opposite: http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/19-11-2012/122849-obama_soviet_mistake-0/
Mark S. Hankins November 26, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Here is an article on the nature of hegemony: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hegemony After having read it, can anyone argue that in establishing health care "reform" we have not bowed to the hegemony of the European Union's notion that a nation without universal coverage is somehow backward or uncivilized? Who makes out on this new deal? Big Pharma (European/British), Big Insurance (European/British), and the American public writes bigger checks for less care. Of course, anything not cooperative with the globalists' (Council on Foreign Relations/Chatham House, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg) ambitions is painted by the press as backward, ignorant and intolerable. The globalists are the ones setting the rules so they can reap the money. That would include the chief uncivilized notion (in the manner of the book enumerating the Looney TunesTasmanian Devil's dietary preferences): especially Liberty. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZOT9wJcYMU


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