Doctor's In: Why did Romney/Ryan Lose?

Extremist positions and lack of sensitivity lost the election for Romney and Ryan.

Essentially the voters said NO, to the party of NO! If I had to use one word to define their defeat it would be extremism. However, Republicans, as they often do, shot themselves in the foot, multiple times.

The first and fatal mistake was to line up against Obama on anything he proposed. Until the last minute before the election Romney was promising the end of ObamaCare. I doubt he would have pursued that if he won but he made that a major platform piece. Voters are better understanding the importance of health care for everyone. The work to do in the future is to wrest the grip of private profiteering insurers from the health care of the American people.

Women’s rights were a very large part of the Obama victory. Whatever women say publicly, few want to return to the days of back-alley abortions. Women’s job equity and concerns about their personal freedom were also a factor in strong Obama female support.

The blending of religion into politics played well with evangelicals but that was as far as one could throw the bible. Most churchgoing people understand the need to keep the church out of politics. The religious ideologues and those churches that weighed heavily for Romney made a mistake that should result in the loss of tax exemptions. The Catholic Church proved the leading anti-Obama sect. They overplayed their hand and many of their own parishioners rejected their position. Already reeling from continued scandals and a schism with the sisters, it would be prudent for the Catholic Church to cloister and like the Republicans carefully consider their agenda in the future. Catholic Church tax exemptions should be in serious jeopardy.

Other major issues that hurt the Republican vote included their attack on organized labor, callous immigration rhetoric, lack of sensitivity to human services and the poor, threatening Medicare, and Social Security. Republicans are historically disconnected from human services and the protection of the middle class.

Anti-government extremists within the Republican Party simply scared people. Although they were a noisy bunch they had limited support beyond their own. Republican leadership gave them too much room and too great a platform to present their irrational agenda. Tea partiers and the like belong with the Libertarians and Republicans should send them packing.

Also damaging to the Republican effort was their anti-science and anti-intellectual positions. When leaders came out against evolution, talked about a 7,000-year-old world, made statements about raped women not getting pregnant unless God wanted them to; the general public got very nervous about the delusional quality of this Republican connected rhetoric.

The effort to look seriously at Creationism and teach such nonsense in our schools, played well to the uneducated but made the rest shake heads in disbelief. The 1920s Monkey Trials had resurfaced again.

The Republican rejection of Government agencies and their value, the reckless case against tax equity, their anti-gay oratory, and their obvious alignment with the monied left little to like about the Republican agenda. Romney and Ryan had fallen on their own ideological sword. Sadly, this is not the Romney I came to know as Governor. I don’t know Ryan but I didn’t want him within 1,000 miles of the White House.

Congratulations to President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. I would much rather face the trouble ahead with rational thinking and a caring connection to all Americans. 

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Marc J. Yacht MD, MPH January 13, 2013 at 03:33 PM
Michael: Wow! You have many important stories to tell. I hope you write them. Marc
michael mirra January 13, 2013 at 05:20 PM
I'm not a writer. They aren't that important. I was just one of a crowd of marchers. I knew the kid from Kent state, not because I was involved with him in protest. He was Jeff Miller from Plainview & I graduated about three years before him & was friends with his brother Russ Miller. His Mother was the lady who worked in the school office & his stepfather was my guidence councelor, Mr. Holstien. I attended Nassau Community College in the late 60s & Marvil & Melvin were students there too. Their Father was the school psycologist who I met when my accounting teacher sent me to see him because my mind kept wandering in his class. It's all no big deal. I met Kunsler once when he passed by in Kennedy Airport while he was involved in the Chicago 7 trial. A bunch of people I was with exchanged raised fist salutes with him, he said hello & we all went our seperate ways. I did have professors tht were much more important than me. My Freshman English prof. took a week off to march in Selma. He told us many stories about the people he had run ins with. I never did much but go on strike during the moritoriums to end the war.
michael mirra January 13, 2013 at 05:29 PM
Thats Marvin & Melvin Just a typo earler. Note of interest. They were identical twins. I wonder what ever became of them. About 10 years after Kent State, I saw my old friend Russ Miller & his Mother on a news TV show. It struck me that Jeff Miller had become a part of America forever in history. Jeff Miller's death radicalized the whole town of Plainview, L.I. There was a massive funaral march down Old Country Rd. ( sort of the US 19 of Plainview) thousands turned out & traffic was closed off.
Marc J. Yacht MD, MPH January 13, 2013 at 05:50 PM
We all cried at the Kent shooting madness by the National Guard. The picture of the inconsolable coed with her arms outstretched by the body of the student is one I will never forget. It is one of the most important photographs ever taken. It belongs beside a number of other photographs of similar power. I'd like to know what happened to the commander that ordered the troops to fire on the student body. If he's dead he probably went to his grave thinking he did the right thing. Those people with that mindset are out there and there are a lot of them.
michael mirra January 13, 2013 at 06:03 PM
I always feel special meaning when I hear the song Ohio at the line, "what if you knew her (him) & found her(him)dead on the ground? How can you run once you know?" I was a school teacher for a short time at Tampa Catholic High School back in 1973 & in my 11th grade homeroom I was looking through a kid's history book & saw the famous picture of Jeffery Glenn Miller. It was all so recent then. More like current events. I realized then for the first time that he had become an imortal piece of America. I didn't even know who he was at first. THe news said he was from Plainview, & that day, I was visting my friend Bob Anderson & he pointed to a newspaper on his chair & said, "did you see what they did to Russ' brother?" That's the first time I recognized who he was.


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