Seminole Heights Residents React to Feral Cat Trap and Rescue Effort

Residents expressed opinions in our comments section.

Earlier this month, we reported on an effort to rid Seminole Heights of feral cats through the help of local residents and nonprofit organizations.

Some residents worried that their pets would be rounded up in the rescue effort, while others were optimistic about the move to eradicate Seminole Heights neighborhoods of the animals.

Below, we rounded up some of the comments from our coverage.

Here's what readers had to say:

  • "My daughter got to see the circle of life thanks to these feral cats. While walking around the pond (Lake Roberta), one got two ducklings last weekend. As they've been on my property, next steps will be trapping and taking them to be destroyed at the shelter." - Lance White
  • " ... Most of the cats are not feral but outdoor cats that have been adopted by someone who love them and care for them. To entice these cats who might not otherwise come on someone's property with yummy food is cruel. I have lived in Seminole HTS. for 53 yrs. and have taken in lots of these cats in over the years. They get their shots, flea treatments, tags and good food. Yes I'm scared I will lose one my rescued cats. Oh yes they are all fixed." - JoAnne Harvey
  • "I live on west Jean st. just west of Florida ave. Just after dusk its disgraceful the amount of all age cats roaming the streets. I happen to like birds in my yard however they are living on borrowed time. How can anyone think its humane to feed and therfore perpetuate the problem without fixing these cats first." - Mikell Furney Remodeling Contractors

What do you think about the issue? Tell us in the comments.

mary contrary May 28, 2013 at 12:44 PM
Business 101 Mike. I would never put the name of my business then put an anti cat rant like that . Well I guess at least we cat lovers know what contractor to boycott. Thanks for the heads up.


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