Robbery Prevention Tips from the Tampa Police Department

Find out how to safeguard yourself and your family.

Want to prevent robberies in your home or neighborhood? Here are some tips from a release from Tampa police:

Unfortunately, there are many businesses and occupations have the inherent risk of robbery, especially those that include “cash handling." Discuss safety measures with your employees or anyone you know who may be in the position to handle any amount of money, whether they conduct door to door delivery or inside sales operations. 

When it comes to crimes of opportunity, the individual and store owner/operator can be prepared to avoid or lessen the chance of becoming a victim. Therefore, please consider the following safety tips.

  • Have signage on countertops stating that no large amounts of cash are on hand.
  • Remove large posters or advertisements that block the view of your cashiering area.
  • Avoid having cashiers work alone, especially during the evening and midnight hours.
  • When delivering foods carry small amounts of cash.  Scan the area before leaving your vehicle, if something does not feel right, listen to your gut feeling and leave.
  • If facing an assailant armed or unarmed – comply – give them what they want.  Be it money, vehicle or merchandise.
  • Try to remain calm, remember as much as possible about the subjects clothing or vehicle description.
  • Carry a cell phone with you and call 9-1-1 when it is safe to do so.

The tips above are just a basic guideline, and not meant to be an exact science.  Because every crime and criminal personality is different, it is impossible to advise exactly what to do in every situation.  The best defense is a strong knowledge of Crime Prevention strategies for work and home. 

If you have any questions pertaining to Crime Prevention, or would like more information about programs that are offered to citizens free of charge call the District One Crime Prevention Liaison Maryanne Hunsberger at 354-6692.


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