Misbehaving Kids at Cappy's: What's Your Take?

A sign at Cappy's Pizzeria warns that parents who "allow their child to run, scream, or misbehave" will be asked to leave. Do you think it was the right move?

A recent Seminole Heights Patch story about that they will be asked to leave has sparked plenty of debate.

The May 11 post had 18 comments as of Wednesday afternoon, plus more than two dozen on the Seminole Heights Patch Facebook page.

Local residents were divided over Cappy's stance on kids acting up at the North Florida Avenue restaurant, where a sign reads, "Parents, for the safety and comfort of everyone, if you allow your child to run, scream, or misbehave, parties will be asked to leave.”

  • Patch reader Kay applauded the move, writing, "Bravo! Cappy's is now on my favs list and we will be there again soon! Parents need to stop and think that not everyone appreciates your 'little bundle of joy' and does not want to hear it screaming."
  • Matt Wiley agreed: "Cappy's is not discriminating against families, they are merely putting a foot down and stating the obvious. If your kids aren't going to behave in the restaurant, get your pizza to go. Don't ruin other's restaurant experience."
  • David Beltran commented that "the problems are not the kids it's the parents. Today lots of parents don't teach kids to behave in public places.They should remember the respect that we have to have to our parents way back."
  • On Facebook, Angela Mann disagreed, writing, "I'm a behavior analyst and I work with parents whose kids are out of control. Kids (believe it or not) do not come with a manual and it's not necessarily that these parents are terrible."
  • And Facebook fan Rachel Loughlin commented, "They have signs that say that? That's terrible! It's a pizza place, not exactly fine dining!"

So what's your take? Are you more or less likely to eat at Cappy's because of their sign and their stance on misbehaving kids? Do you have other examples of children or parents behaving badly at restaurants? Post your comment below and continue the conversation.

Rhonda May 17, 2012 at 08:56 PM
I thoroughly support Cappy's position. When going out for dinner, whether it be pizza or sushi or classic french, I am still in a place of business, spending good money for an enjoyable evening and I want an appropriate experience. I am not going to an amusement park or arcade, where I would expect children at play.
sally ballas May 17, 2012 at 09:42 PM
If I as an adult were to hang around screaming, running & playing at McDonalds they would throw me out! And they would be right to do so. So if you choose to take your child out to a restaurant as a customer I expect your child to behave. Yea Cappy's ~ we support you!
Kym Page May 17, 2012 at 09:43 PM
Cappy's posted sign is absolutely acceptable. It is a restaurant that wants to ensure a nice dining experience, and fantastic pizza for every customer to enjoy, including families. It is not a playground, amusement park or arcade. If the parents can entertain, and spend quality time with their children, then the kids won't be trying to hang from the ceiling or run through the restaurant. It is a seriously dangerous situation for the servers carrying hot food to have kids to dodge because they are running around playing tag around the tables. The kids can easily get hurt, and that is a major liability for any restaurant.
Kathy May 18, 2012 at 12:30 AM
Its about time that restaurants are seeing how disruptive some children are to others dining experience and are doing something about it....if your children can not behave....keep them at home!!!!....when I go out to eat I avoid sitting anywhere near kids because todays parents are sooo clueless!


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