Milk n' Honey Tea Room Wins Patch's Best Customer Service Contest

The readers of Seminole Heights Patch chose The Milk n' Honey Tea Room and Gift Shop as the local business with the best customer service.

Who has the best customer service in the Seminole Heights area?

We asked and you answered. Boy, did you answer!

We started out with located in and around Seminole Heights, and after weeks of polling to narrow down the field of players, has emerged the champion in Patch’s first-ever customer service competition. They edged by a final tally of 4,610 to 3,399 in .

"I’m very grateful for all the support we’ve gotten in the last six weeks," Milk n' Honey owner Kathy Glenn said shortly after her victory. "It’s been amazing. I’ve enjoyed learning about the businesses around us, and hopefully they’ve learned about us and what we can all do to better this community."

To that end, Glenn is offering a free tea or iced tea to anyone who stops in and mentions that they voted for any of the competitors in Patch's Best Customer Service contest.

Over the past month of our contest we had tons of votes, comments and reviews from Patch readers, and we've connected with lots of local business owners who told us their secrets to success.

We've also had some great discussions about the Seminole Heights community and the title of our contest. Milk n' Honey of course is located in the Lowry Park Central neighborhood, not Seminole Heights — but it's included in our coverage area, along with several other businesses that were a part of our contest. When it comes to the businesses within Seminole Heights, Sherry's Yesterdaze is clearly tops according to our readers, so we want to recognize them as well.

We welcome your opinions and we respect the passion local residents have for their neighborhoods and communities, and we'll be careful to recognize those distinct areas whenever we write about them on Patch in the future. Our contest was meant to highlight local businesses and recognize all the competitors for their great customer service.

We hope you'll continue to support your favorite local businesses — whether they're in Seminole Heights, Lowry Park Central, Tampa Heights or wherever — by reviewing them in Patch's business directory and stopping in to see them.

Congratulations to Milk n' Honey Tea Room and thank you to all of the competitors for making this such a great place to live!

Diane Warholic April 05, 2012 at 04:09 AM
I am very aware of all 3 areas .. I chose to reference to the orginal area that was the birth place for the Seminole Heights area. It really does not matter to me where a GOOD small business is located ... if it is good I try to support it and so should everyone else. With the economy today, the focus need to be on supporting ALL small businesses in ALL areas! I know of 3 businesses that have been in the Tampa Bay Area for over 40 years that have closed their doors in the pass 2 months. There needs to be less about where they are located now and just make sure that they will still be there a year form now.
Rose Green April 05, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Maybe you should have named your contest something other than Best Customer Service in Seminole Heights!!!!! Just a thought.
Jason Bartolone April 05, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Thanks for the feedback. We hear you.
David Banghart April 05, 2012 at 11:55 PM
Diane, When I lived in Seminole Heights (2000-2007) it mattered a great deal where the business was located. We had such a dearth of good businesses that weren't Used Car lots or Pawn shops that we did anything we to bring in and support such businesses. Did we care that Town and Country had a good small business restaurant that needed support? Not really because we wanted to build up our restaurants first. The result of such hard work is that Seminole Heights - (yes Seminole Heights not just Old Seminole Heights) is a foodie destination with national TV exposure. This is part of the community building being done in SH. We had a larger picture than building up one struggling good business. We're building up an entire neighborhood and if that required selfishness on our part as to regarding good businesses located elsewhere, so be it. Now if that business did not compete with something in SH we'd support it. Some people would argue the fallacy is that if everyone thought that way Seminole Heights would get no business. Well most people don't really give a damn about their neighborhood. Its a place they live in and not a community for them and they will go where ever to spend money (despite gas prices). Or some neighborhoods (South Tampa / New Tampa) are so well off they don't need to build it up. And some people like being tourists outside their neighborhood. If a good business is struggling maybe they should move to Seminole Heights. Sherri did.
Diane Warholic April 06, 2012 at 03:28 AM
David you claim to support Seminole Heights even though you chose to move to Lutz. Leave the Seminole Heights businesses speak for themselves. Your VERY NEGATIVE attitude is turning people off on the very place you claim to so passionately support. Yes, I do care about T&C ...I support their small businesses. But unlike you, David ... I also support small businesses any where in the Tampa Bay area or any area that I travel to for business or vacations. The big chains will weather this storm, but the small community business regardless its location need everyones support. For your infomation, I am planning a trip to Sherri store tomorrow. I need a retro outfit for a Sertoma International convention. While I am in the area, I plan to stop at TO Go and Canadian Drugstore, not because where they are or are not located, but because of the POSITIVE reviews they received on PATCH!


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