Domani Italian Bistro Opens to Praises From Diners

A new Seminole Heights eatery opened its doors to the public this weekend.

The long wait for a new Italian restaurant in Seminole Heights is over as opened its doors this weekend.

Debuting its full menu for the first time and unveiling an impressive array of cocktails, Domani's first few days of business were a major success. Diners came from around the Tampa Bay area looking for something new, which is exactly what they got.

"This neighborhood needed something like this to go with everything it already has," downtown resident Jason Stroppel said. "It's kind of upscale but it's very affordable. You can still order anything on the menu and not spend a fortune and whatever you get is unbelievable."

If traditional Italian dining is what you're looking for, Domani may stun more than please as few items contain pasta or a traditional sauce. But with an open mind and a pallate to match, this modern Italian menu offers a little bit of something for everyone, from gourmet flatbread to some stunningly original appetizers.

"It was amazing," Ybor resident Niely Cornacchia said. "There was not one thing I didn't like and this is coming from a straight up Italian girl. I'll definitely be back."

Sometimes little things make a big difference. Whether it's daily fresh baked bread, a refreshing cucumber instead of lemon in your water or the "grapes", a play on peanut butter and jelly using a grape wrapped in brie cheese and dipped in pistachio and topped with red wine vinagerette, Domani packs a surprise that will delight the diner and their taste buds.

Hit items on the young menu include the tenderloin flatbread, a flavor packed pizza with a marriage toppings that include blue cheese, carmelized onions, dates and beef tenderloin. But perhaps the best part about this meal is its $14 price tag rather the combination of flavors, a price well worth paying given the quality of the food.

Local excitement over the opening is on high as Seminole Heights residents poured through the doors this weekend to get their first taste of a project they've watched being constructed for the last three months at 6419 North Florida Avenue.

"I live two blocks away, I'm going to be here all the time," Todd Perkins, a resident of Old Seminole Heights said. "The food here is excellent and the staff is very friendly. It's certainly a welcome addition to the neighborhood."

Elizabeth Brustman Downs August 20, 2012 at 12:27 PM
I went to Domani on Saturday with my husband and mother and we loved it. The food was amazing and our bartender/server was very friendly. We couldn't be happier that they opened in our neighborhood.
Liar n Cheat Patrol August 21, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Domani means tomorrow, that is when you should go and tomorrow should never come. Based on the owners past track record, the quality of anything good there will surely not last...do not waste your time. I already feel sorry for anybody putting thier heart n soul to work for ”B”... He is a dream destroyer not Maker not to mention many many other lowly qualities... Do NOT Support this Place.
A Modern Line August 23, 2012 at 01:34 AM
It appears the above comment is from a disgruntled employee and I would personally ignore it. I've personally tried the fair and seen the menu and the food is excellent and the prices are very reasonable for the neighborhood and the quality! This project has been a long time coming to fruition and as they are my next door neighbor, I wish them all the success I believe they will achieve. If you get stuck waiting for a table, come on by and see what we are doing next door!
Eva Norris August 24, 2012 at 03:18 AM
I went to Domani tonight for dinner and everything was so perfect! I was drinking the cool hand cuke those are dangerously good! i also had the mussels and spinach salad and all i can say is WOW! i wish i would have had room for that parfiat i saw one go out and it looked amazing almost to pretty to eat! as for above comments if you dont have haters you are doing something wrong! keep it up domani!:)
Rose Green September 25, 2012 at 11:46 PM
We just had dinner at Domani's. It was a wonderful experience. Our waitress, Amber was awesome. Our food was very good, well presented. I would recommend it to everyone.
Tom M November 05, 2012 at 04:59 PM
Finally. I really nice upscale place that is not too stuffy and has fantastic food. I heard the bartender say that they make everything - EVERYTHING - from scratch. You get a really good vibe just sitting at the bar and the food is 3 levels above perfect.


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