Artsy Sports Bar to Open Next to NAPA

Entrenpreneur Paul Medrano hopes to have Red Star Rock Bar open within 60 days.

Sports bar, classic rock, and art.

Do they go together? And in Seminole Heights?

Paul Medrano wants to find out by opening Red Star Rock Bar at 5210 N Florida Ave., tentatively within 60 days.

Red Star will occupy a 1,040 square foot storefront right next to a pending. The for locating in the heart of Seminole Heights' burgeoning restaurant and retail scene. Medrano hopes Red Star's unusual concept will be welcomed more by a neighborhood that has a track record of embracing independently-spirited
restaurants and shops.

“It will have more of a hip lounge feel to it,” Medrano said, “as opposed to a typical sports bar or wing house. We're not looking for the dollar beer crowd. We want what I see as more of a bohemian crowd. A little more intellectual banter.”

Sure, there will be plenty of sports channels on flat screen TVs. But Medrano said the décor will be dominated by the works of local artists, with monthly art shows and wine tastings planned. The ceiling will be painted black, the concrete floor gun metal gray with a giant red star. The pool table with have leopard print felt, and there will be lots of red velvet and red stars all over.

The strains of a Pac Man video game and pinball machine will compete with the din of classic rock.

Out back, the din will be more like Frank Sinatra and Nina Simone. There Medrano is planning a patio deck where he hopes to have food trucks pull up and sell their wares. No kitchen is planned for Red Star.

Medrano said he doesn't want Red Star to start out serving liquor, and is currently in the permitting process to just sell wine and beer. But after six to nine months, he said, “We'll definitely explore getting (a full liquor license). I'd love to serve martinis there.”

Medrano also publishes Boss magazine, which highlights the local art and fashion scenes.

Alex Zinner September 27, 2012 at 02:59 PM
You might not stand alone in this, but your comments on the matter is more than discouraging to your fellow neighbors than it is anything else. These rants sound like somebody who is contempt with his neighborhood. If you're trying to be more like SoHo, then try to acclimate to their style of pleasure. Don't hate on the people trying to do your community good.-Alex Zinner
Alex Knez October 03, 2012 at 08:39 AM
Anything would look better then the empty building it is now. I am glad the lot has been cleaned up, and am excited for a new place in my area.
Alex Zinner November 13, 2012 at 03:20 PM
I live in South Tampa, and we have a Napa, a family dollar, and a Salemi's. Do you consider those establishments to make your neighborhood a "ghetto"? I don't. I consider multiple liquor and gun stores as a clear indicator of "ghettos."
Dr. Francine Odio February 15, 2013 at 12:47 AM
It would be great to have a more "family friendly" restaurant. We visit Sabrosos aka "Tasty" & have suggested an outdoor deck in the back with an area where kids can have a play area- like outside of the Columbia downtown behind The forum. We go there often with other families who have kids and eat, have sangria etc. when the kids get restless they can go climb around the playscape & we can still see them. I know a lot of us would welcome that.
Paul Streicher June 06, 2013 at 05:23 AM
I only heard about this bar from a friend who told me about just the other day. He saw the painting on the wall and had to turn around and go back to take a picture of it. He was interested in what it meant. I then took the time to drive over and take a look. My first impression is the establishment is in too narrow of a part of a building to not be over crowded if this takes off. Now then after reading the comments posted by one of the owners I do not understand the 'Rock' draw of the painting and the name if there is not going to be any rock music or live rock music for that fact. Or, will there be? My only hope is that the business will benefit the community with jobs of course and a place to go and relax and actually be able to talk without too much volume from the music drowning out any possible enjoying communication. I for one do not like loud places and will not go to them if I have to shout to communicate with someone. Well, let's hope for the best shall we.


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