Baby Piglet Needs a Name

A newborn babirusa pig, now on display with its mother at the Lowry Park Zoo needs a name, and the public is invited to weigh in.

After of a newborn babirusa piglet at , the zoo staff is now turning to the public for a bit of creativity.

The three-week-old piglet has yet to be named, but on Monday, the zoo announced via Facebook that it is taking the public's vote on three possible names until June 13 at midnight, in time for the piglet's one-month birthday.

The choices? The zoo is considering three names that reflect the animal's Indonesian heritage:

  • Malik: "king" (pronounced ma-LEEK)
  • Mamuju: city in Sulawesi, Indonesia (pronounced mah-moo-joo)
  • Maret: "born in the month of May" (pronounced marrett)

You can vote on a special Facebook page set up by the zoo, where some fans have also offered their own name suggestions, including Charlie, Baxter, Oikster and Jasper.

What do you think? Would you vote for one of the zoo's three suggestions, or do you have a better idea? Share your opinion in the poll and comments section below.

The piglet, currently on exhibit at the zoo's Asian Gardens habitat area, is the sole survivor its litter and a major achievement for the zoo due to its endangered species distinction.

The piglet is on display with its mother for limited hours until he grows stronger. The name baribusa translates to "pig deer", a species which often has litters of one or two.

Susie Cooke June 13, 2012 at 01:05 PM
My granddaughter suggests Mudball


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