Bright House Networks Films Commercial in Seminole Heights

The bungalows of Seminole Heights became a film set on Wednesday as cable giant Bright House Networks made them a backdrop for an upcoming commercial.

Bright House Networks has chosen Seminole Heights as the backdrop of its latest commercial series, opting to shoot in a bungalow on Central Avenue on Wednesday.

The cable giant used freelance location manager John Gerlach to find a location that would suit its need for a bungalow location that boasted an outdoor pool. With a full production crew and actors, the production attracted attention from local residents Wednesday afternoon

"I went up to and saw there were a lot of cars parked along the street," said Seminole Heights resident Andrea Brogen, who tipped Patch off to the filming via email Wednesday. "I've lived and worked in the neighborhood for 12 years and I think it's wonderful to have a network using us in a commercial. We have a lot of great things going on in the neighborhood, with restaurants and fun places to hang out. Im glad to know people are starting to notice how beautiful of a place it is."

The commercial, set to air sometime within the next month, was shot over the course of a single day. It took Gerlach a few weeks to find residents interested in not only having their home used in a commercial, but also having it invaded, torn apart and reassembled in a single day.

"We had a shot where a guy was supposed to be sitting in his living room and then his pool, so that is one reason I approached this house," Gerlach said. "I sent out letters to a lot of the homes around here; some were interested and some weren't. I liked this neighborhood because of the archways and the charm of the neighborhood. We shoot a lot in Hyde Park, so this is a nice alternative."

The commercial is part of a series that Bright House is shooting through July 3, Gerlach said. Other locations include coffee houses, an art studio in St. Petersburg and Riverfront Park in Tampa. What attracted Gerlach to Seminole Heights as a shooting site, however, was the bungalows that line Central Avenue.

"I have two bungalows myself," Gerlach said. "You can usually tell ones that have been ripped apart, but a lot of these have been restored. I put letters in mailboxes of a lot of the houses around here. We got this one by luck of the draw."

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